Science of Hitting

What is the science of hitting?

The hardest thing in the world to do is hit a round ball square with a round bat. There is no real one stop cure for hitting a baseball but there is a science. Methods were developed from the mid 1800's to our modern day game re-developed and modified again and again because everyone somehow has their own particular idea and approach to hitting a baseball. The quest for finding and developing the perfect swing helps to make baseball a very unique sport. Is one better than the other? The answer is simple... it's better only if it works for you.

But the approachs to hitting a baseball are very basic and how you get there becomes your method and ultimately determines your success. If something isn't working remember the drills and to go back to the basics of hitting which involves total concentration and proper body mechanics. To brush up on the basics refer to Science of hitting

Below are illustrations that will provide you with a solid foundation as you develop your signature approach to hitting a baseball. In fact most of the great scientists and wise scholars say "Keep it simple". This method of thinking has always been the approach that has worked best for me and thousands of others as they develop their own particular body mechanics.

Step by Step
Analysis of the Swing

#1 Start by keeping the "Door Knuckles" of both hands aligned with each other. Hands back, bat slightly behind back shoulder and the knob of the bat pointed towards the rear section of the opposite batter's box. Rear elbow slightly down very relaxed, legs shoulder width apart balanced with knees slightly turned inward and hips slightly cocked, like a spring ready to explode. Your eyes should be focused on the pitcher's "release point"

#2 Your hands begin to move forward "towards the pitcher". Eyes now focusing on the point of release as the ball leaves the pitcher's hand. This is the beginning action of "throwing the bat at the pitcher.

The hips also begin their rotation towards the pitcher.

#3 You want to always hit down on the baseball. In this illustration your arms start to extend as the bat goes through the strike zone in a downward motion. Your hips open up as the ball approaches the point of contact.

The Heel is now "squishing the bug" so to speak as the ball and toes of the back foot turn towards the pitcher.

#4 Using the Tee to show ball position as it begins to cross over the middle of the plate, notice how the batter's top hand is pointed upward towards the sky and the bottom hand in pointed towards the ground as the bat extends over the strike zone. The hips and heel are now exploding together. Your eyes have never stopped focusing on the ball's path to the plate. Now, the follow through of the swing begins with the arms fully extended and the hips rotating towards the pitcher.

#5 This is the follow through as it shows the batter opening up as he completes his swing. Notice how the front leg is straight to assure maximum power and the back heel is fully turned towards the pitcher.