Proper Hitting Mechanics

If you want to be a good hitter you have to have the proper hitting mechanics it takes to be a good hitter. This could take years to develop and perfect because like a golf swing there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you try to make contact with a baseball. For example, you can be to tense, drop your hands, loop your bat, be to much out in front of the ball, forget to cock your hips, forget to drive your back foot, forget to keep your head down on the ball, take too long of a stride, not be balanced and the list goes on and on.

If you want to excel you must have the proper hitting mechanics in place. There are numerous amounts of drills that can help the batter develop these mechanics. There are so many that you have to determine which drills are the best for you. No matter what, don’t over do the drills. Over doing a drill can cause fatigue and when we are fatigued we begin to form bad habits. Bad habits are not good for hitting and are hard to replace. So do the drills the right way. Don't approach any drill with a bad or a half cocked attitude because you have to take each drill seriously. Also, do the drills once, at any given day, and only do each drill between 10 and 15 times, that’s it. You will lose concentration if you do more than that.

Proper hitting mechanics can be perfected you just have to be disciplined and determined to be a better batter. You can't just will it to happen. Do a different drill each day. Don’t do more than three a day and it’s best to do one or two and vary your routine to keep it fresh. By following these simple rules you will improve your chances to hit the baseball properly and with authority so you can take your game to the next level.

We are providing you with several drills that will help you become a better hitter and improve your hitting skills through proper hitting mechanics. As new proven drills are introduced we will add them to our list but here are some drills to get you started. Proper Hitting Mechanics

The Big Ball Toss is a great tool in developing proper hitting mechanics. This drill has the batter push his hands and arms through the zone in a out and downward direction somewhat presenting a tunnel effect with his arms as he throws the ball through the zone. This is the same path that your bat should take when swinging at the ball.

Be loose and and have your lead hand in front of the ball in the middle and place your back hand on the middle of the back side of the ball and push foward.

Notice how the hands end in the direction of the pitcher and how the head never looses focus on the pitcher, as well. Perform this drill once on any given day 10-15 times. If you don't have a large ball you use a basketball of beach ball.

#1 Big Ball Toss

#2 The Frisbee Toss

Most everyone has throw a Frisbee at some point in their lives. And throwing a Frisbee can be directly related to sewinging a baseball bat. Below is the correct way to toss a Frisbee. First we will concentrate on the lead hand that holds the Frisbee. This is section "A" Then we will focus on the proper back hand movement even though you wouldn't do this when throwing a Frisbee, but you would do it when swinging a bat this is in section "B". Finally in section "C" we will show you the improper way to do this drill. It will be in RED

Section "A"
The Proper Front Hand Motion

Section "B"
The Proper Back Hand Motion

Section "C"
The Wrong Way

Now look at the wrong way to do the drill. You will notice throughout the drill how the front hand is casting out with the Frisbee. It's like a looping action. When done this way the front shoulder also opens up, thus reducing the batter's power and ruining his swing