Baseball Hitting
Training Aids

This page is dedicated to some of the more popular and innovative baseball hitting training aids that can help you develop and maintain the correct swing. New products are constantly coming out on the market that are designed to enhance concentration and proper body mechanics. We have touched upon some of them on this site. You can refer to the following page Baseball Hitting Training Aids

Batter training aids go from the simple to the complex. Many are gimmicks but there are a lot that are true. The best advice is to try and give yourself an opportunity to test some of these devices and choose the ones that you feel will give you the best results. Just remember that these baseball training aids are to be used they'll do you absolutely no good if stored in an attic, garage or cellar. Use several differt hitting training aids to set up a routine incorporating several different methods, but remember not to over do it. Get in the habit of alternating routines on different days so your workouts don't become "routine".

Another point to make here is to make your workouts fun. This isn't always ease to do and that's why we suggest using several different hitting training aids. This way you'll keep going back to them and you'll want to use them more and more. One of the newest baseball hitting aids is the PGEE Ball Training Bat™. The nice part about this aid training aid is that you actual can play a game with your friends using the bat. The rules are much simulated to real baseball and you don't need a lot of room to play. The PGEE Ball Bat™ can also be used for soft toss and batting tee drills and even the new small ball machine that is put out by Jugs.

The Pgee Ball Bat™ and Game

can also be used for soft toss and batting tee drills and even the new small ball machine that is put out by Jugs.

Below we will illustrate several baseball batting training aids please feel free to check back often.

The Multi-Position Batting Tee

This is a five position batting tee. The tee forms and "X" with the five different slots. The slots represent the different various pitch locations.

The batting Tee comes with a rubber insertable tube that fits into the different holes. You place a ball on the particular spot from where you want to practice your swing. Also refer here for finding the correct batting stance Baseball Batting Stance

Ball Positioning on Tees
One of the Basic
Hitting Training Aids
Not to be Overlooked

Below are the single and 5 Position Tees. Each shows the different pitch location set ups. 1st is the Inside Pitch, 2nd the one down the middle which is the only position of the Single Tee and 3rd is the Outside Pitch location and the last picture shows is a drill using two Tees placed one in front of the other. The Tee's rubber tube not holding the ball is set to the back and raised slightly higher than the one in the front which is holding the ball. As a hitter the object is to hit the ball on the front Tee and avoid making contact with the tee tube in the back. This helps the hitter learn to (1) Swing down on the ball and (2) to move the hands through the ball as it travels through the strike zone.

Casting A Swinging Flaw
Corrected by using
Two Hitting Training Aids

Below we show what is called "Casting the Bat" a flaw in the swing of many beginners and a later habit hard to correct. We demonstrate this with the Tee and the rubber adjustable height insert raised. The batter basically is casting his bat by droping his back should as he sweeps across the plate in an attempt to hit the ball. By doing this he makes contact with the raised Tee instead of coming down over the Tee to make contact with the ball.

Notice the correct way on how to stop casting. Notice how the hitter is swinging down over the Tee to avoid contact. His shoulders haven't droped and are in perfect alignment. For this drill the batter can also place a Tee in front (Dual Tee) with a ball. The object like before is to hit the ball without hitting the back Tee.

Correcting Casting

Below is a comparison of a regulation ball and a PGEE Ball™ which is a taped up version of a practice golf ball. As you can see, by using the PGEE Ball™ and PGEE Ball Bat™ hitter's can really improve on their concentration, eye hand coordination and hitting the ball on the sweet spot more quickly than using a regulation sized ball.

The third photo shows the rubber insert that can be placed inside the batting tube on the batting tee. This insert allows the PGEE Ball™ to be proped up on the tee for batting practice.

It is very important not to just swing at the ball on the Tee. You need to drive your back heel forward toward the pitcher to assure that your mechanics are done correctly.