Unique Solid Ash Wood PGEE Ball Bat™ Improves Hitting Skills Quickly

The PGEE Ball Bat™ is designed specifically to help build eye-hand coordination in baseball and softball hitters. Practice hitting golf ball sized baseballs with this revolutionary training bat and see how quickly and easily you can improve your focus and concentration at the plate.

Unlike other bats, this specially designed solid wood ash bat has the weight and feel of a real baseball bat. But, the bat’s real genius is in its sweet spot, which has a broom-handle-diameter barrel.

A regular regime of PGEE Ball hitting drills or using the PGEE Ball Bat™ to play PGEE Ball™ baseball can help you quickly develop the focus and hand-eye coordination necessary to become a better, more consistent hitter. This training system is perfect for players at all skill levels who want to improve their hitting abilities.

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The Secret to Making a Great Bat

There are a host of manufacturers including big companies such as Louisville Slugger that manufacture bats. Our supplier, the Barnstable Bat Company, has been making high quality, wooden bats since 1992. Today, Barnstable Bats are a common sight on Cape League baseball fields, including those of the greatest amateur baseball league in the world, the Cape Cod Baseball League.

But Barnstable Bats are not just for amateurs. Major League Baseball has been using Barnstable Bats since 1995. In fact, during the 1996 Major League Baseball season, Oakland A's designated hitter, Geronimo Berroa, hit 31 of his 37 home runs with Barnstable bats. Player greats such as Jose Conseco and Chuck Knoabloch and current Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez and Trot Nixon have all been successful using Barnstable Bats.

Explains Tom Bednark, the owner and founder of the Barnstable Bat Company, "We take a lot of pride in the fact that we produce a very, very high grade baseball bat that is used across Cape Cod by up and coming baseball players who have a lot of talent and are expecting to go on to bigger and better things and hopefully we help them attain that bigger and better by providing them with a great piece of wood."

The Barnstable Bat Company cranks out about 10,000 bats per year. And, bats are not hand carved; rather, they are made on a mechanical and computer-driven lithe with each wooden bat having its own uniqueness.

"Every bat does have a different feel,” says Bednark. “So, the model, the actual piece of wood, they all vary by color, texture, weight, and their physical properties of density and performance, so every wood bat is its own little creature. "

When Professional Players Need Wooden Bats This Is Where They Go...

When Lou Elia, the inventor of the PGEE Ball Bat™, started to imagine a bat designed specifically for hitting golf ball sized baseballs, he knew the bat would have to feel like a real bat yet provide the training benefits of hitting with a broomstick size daimeter barrel.

Elia, a resident on the Cape, had heard that Bednark had been making bats for the past thirty years and was an expert bat maker. So, Elia sought him out in his rather unassuming backyard barn in a quiet Centerville neighborhood in Cape Cod.

After several attempts at getting the proper weight balance and design, Elia hit upon the PGEE Ball Bat™. It is specially designed and made of solid wood ash to teach hitters to swing properly with the weight and feel of a real baseball bat.

Yet, the bat's broomstick size diameter barrel forces hitters at all levels to concentrate and focus on a mini-ball so they can make solid contact more easily with a regulation baseball.

“Because the PGEE Ball Bat™ feels like a real bat, it requires you to pull your hands through the swing for optimum contact and power,” explains Elia. “Smashing plastic golf ball sized balls with the bat's broomstick diameter barrel will quickly help hitters master the hand-eye coordination and focus they need for consistent, solid contact with a regulation sized baseball.”

Today, the PGEE Ball Bat™ is used at leading clubs and training centers like The Dugout Dawgs Baseball Training Facility on Cape Cod The Dugout Dawgs Training Facility on Cape Cod the thirteen-year-old travel team of Cape Cod in the North East Baseball Alliance (NEBA) as well as, the Baseball Clubs Of Cape Cod.

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