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NEW PGEE Ball Bat™ and Game Makes Backyard Baseball More Fun — And Improves Baseball Hitting Techniques at the Same Time!

“Mom’s old broomstick never looked or felt like this…”

  • Start making the backyard game more exciting, speed up play, simulate real game situations.
  • Level the playing field by challenge everyone to hit a golf ball sized ball with the broomstick barrel of this unigue training bat.
  • Simple rules...perfect for all age levels and any size group.
  • Have fun, learn and improve proper hitting skills.
  • Play outdoors or indoors in your yard or in the gym.

  • Swing at game intensity. Other practice bats don’t feel real or can mess-up your swing but the PGEE Ball™ training bat, made from solid wood ash, looks, feels, and swings like a real bat.
  • Learn and improve those essential skills that allow professional hitters to make solid contact more often – the PGEE Ball Bat's™ broom size diameter sweet spot builds focus and hand-eye coordination as soon as you start using it.
  • The perfect coaching tool to enhance any hitting drill…and make them more effective!
  • Use the system's unique accessories to design a hitting system that fits your personal needs.
  • Used at leading clubs and training centers like Baseball Clubs of Cape Cod, The Dugout Dawgs Baseball Training Facility on Cape Cod as well as the thirteen year old division of the New England Baseball Alliance (NEBA) on Cape Cod.

Special Introductory Offer Includes:
Official PGEE Ball Bat™, Game Rules & Six Balls

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