Batting Grip

One of the biggest mistakes a batter can make before he even gets to the plate is in the batting grip. There's a right way and a wrong way when it comes to grabbing a bat, and you definitely don't want to start out on the wrong foot before you even get into the batter's box. Below you will see the proper and improper ways. It is vital to practice the grip because the swing starts there. When you know how to hold the bat you'll find the swing is much easier and efficient. If the bat is not held properly you won't be able to turn your swing over with your wrists. If you can turn your wrists over on the follow thru of your swing then you have will get some added distance and zip on the ball.

The illustrations in navy will show you the right way to hold the bat and the illustrations in red will show you the wrong way to hold the bat. To get back to Batting Drills please click on the following link Batting Grip

Bottom Hand Right Way

Top Hand Right Way

Bottom Hand Wrong Way

Top Hand Wrong Way

Closing the Grip Right Way

Knuckle Alignment
Right Way

Knuckle Alignment
Wrong Way

Choking The Bat
Wrong Way

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