Greatest Gold-Mine of Baseball Hitting Techniques Ever Collected
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If you have been searching for baseball hitting techniques that can help you improve hitting a baseball or softball, then this website is for you...

This site is geared towards today's hitter at any level be it youth, young adult and even those players in older adult leagues. You’ll find plenty of hitting drills, tools, and practical hitting tips on this site that correct those bat swing flaws which can hamper your game. These practice batting techniques will help you become a better and more consistent hitter.

There is no more difficult skill in the world than hitting a round ball with a round bat, square, from a pitcher that is throwing 80 to 100 miles per hour, changing speeds and breaking off a curve ball here and there. There is also no better way to make true improvements in your hitting abilities than by getting down to the fundamentals and correcting them. This website gives the avid hitter an unparalleled repository of dynamic, improvement-generating techniques.

Developed by some of the game's best teachers and players to achieve specific results, these baseball hitting techniques are designed to help novice and experienced hitters alike. Clearly presented and illustrated when possible, they can be practiced at home, on the practice field, in the gym, or even used in the middle of a game to make swing corrections.

Swinging a bat can be broken down into many simple, yet difficult-to-do movements, all of which must be performed correctly in order to achieve the desired results. The drills and information in this site have been specifically designed to get all the body parts immediately working together as one cohesive unit. Consistently working on proper softball and baseball hitting techniques can only result in positive muscle memory which ultimately creates the best bat swing habits. When it is time to put all the parts together at the plate, you will not have to think your way through a swing, but you will simply feel it happening naturally.

The softball and baseball hitting techniques found within this web site will carefully guide you through the process required in developing the necessary coordinated movements between your hands, hips, legs, shoulder and head. When this occurs you will possess the confidence every batter needs as they step into the batter’s box.

Some of the many topics you will find on this site include:

Hitting a Baseball

  • baseball hitting tips
  • baseball hitting mechanics 1,2,3
  • baseball hitting drills
  • baseball hitting trainers
  • baseball hitting training aids
The Science of Hitting
  • physics of hitting a baseball
  • proper hitting mechanics
  • rotational hitting
  • hitting down on the ball
  • hitting from behind
  • hitting homeruns
  • hitting power
  • hitting slumps
  • hitting stance
  • hitting zone
Hitting Equipment
  • baseball hitting equipment
  • baseball hitting tees
  • hitting machines
  • hitting nets
  • hitting stick
  • hitting tee
  • PGee Ball Hitting Training System
  • PGee Ball Training Bat
Hitting Instruction
  • baseball hitting aids
  • baseball hitting charts
  • baseball hitting dvds and videos
  • baseball hitting instruction
Hitting a Softball
  • softball hitting drills
  • softball hitting instruction
  • softball hitting tips
  • fastpitch softball hitting drills
Youth Baseball
  • youth baseball hitting drills
  • youth baseball training aids
Backyard Baseball
  • PGee Ball™ Game
  • backyard baseball field
  • backyard baseball games
  • backyard baseball video
  • free backyard baseball
  • PGEE Ball™

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Backyard Baseball
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Baseball Hitting Tips
baseball hitting tips that will make you a better batter in baseball or softball
Baseball Hitting Drills
Baseball hitting drills to improve a batter's grip, stride and swing and a more indepth looks at the proper way to hit a baseball
Hitting a Baseball
Why drills are important for hitting a baseball.
Free Hitting Exercises
Free Hitting Exercises: 5 “Must Have” Forearm Exercises to Put More Power into Your Hitting-swing...Free
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